Series 1: Towards equity in vaccinations globally

1. Introducing the FIP ‘Transforming Vaccination Globally, Regionally and Nationally’ 2021: Accelerating equity, access and sustainability through policy development and implementation

17 June 13:00-14:00 CEST

Episode 1, the digital programme’s Opening Event, will set the stage for the entire programme. Together we will revisit the key outcomes of the Transforming Vaccination 2020 programme, specifically focusing on the outcomes relating to shaping policy around equity, access and sustainability and how they are shaping the FIP vaccination agenda for 2021. We will also describe this year’s programme, outline its key aims and objectives as well as outcomes. This special programme opener is for anyone invested in transforming and shaping vaccination in pharmacy!  

About the programme – FIP’s 2021 digital programme to Transform Vaccination Globally, Regionally, & Nationally comprises 2 series, totaling 12 events running between June and November.  
Building on the outcomes of the 2020 programme, the 2021 FIP digital programme focuses on supporting FIP members in accelerating equity, access and sustainability of vaccinations through policy development and implementation.  

About this series – The first of the two series comprises 5 episodes which include the opening event alongside 4 other events which explore equity in vaccinations across the different angles of age, gender, literacy & education, and interprofessional unity & collaboration.  



  • Catherine Duggan – (FIP, UK) 
  • Goncalo Sousa Pinto (FIP, Spain)
  • G. Sumalatha (SEAR Pharmaceutical Forum, India)
  • Prosper Hiag (African Pharmaceutical Forum, Cameroon)
  • John Jackson (Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum, Australia)
  • Nadia Al Mazrouei (Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Forum, UAE)

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You can watch the event recording here.

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