Transforming Vaccination Globally, Regionally, Nationally: Accelerating equity, access and sustainability through policy development and implementation’

FIP launched the first digital programme of its kind “Transforming Vaccinations Globally and Regionally” that addresses the essential role pharmacists play in saving the lives of millions through the provision of vaccines. The programme is a three-part series, each consisting of 8 online events. In the first series, the needs of pharmaceutical science, workforce, and practice to transform vaccinations were identified, such as increasing accessibility to facilities in practice to deliver vaccines. Other needs include evolving pharmacist qualifications, training, and education on the matter and addressing barriers such as vaccine misinformation and disinformation. In the second part of the series, transformative actions were set in alignment with the needs identified in the first part. In the last part of the series, the focus is on the needs of each of the 6 global regions. Best practice on vaccinations in some countries were highlighted to help other countries follow. Regional needs assessment, country level metrics to monitor progress, and action plans were discussed along with the barriers and challenges that may be encountered to transform vaccination in each region. The programme resulted in the signing of a commitment to action on vaccination in pharmacy by FIP and other member organisations to transform vaccinations regionally and globally.

Of FIP’s 21 development goals, 17 align with the goals of the 2020 programme. However, 3 goals have shown to be grounded in every part of the programme: Goal 10: equity and equality, Goal 18: access to medicines and services, and Goal 21: sustainability in pharmacy. We cannot transform vaccinations “regionally and globally” without incorporating these three concepts in every part of the programme.

FIP 2021 digital programme

In 2021, FIP is launching its second programme that focuses more on the equity and sustainability of vaccinations. Building on the outcomes of the 2020 programme, the FIP 2021 digital programme focuses on supporting FIP members in accelerating programmes of equity, access and sustainability of vaccinations through policy development and implementation. The 12 events explore equity in vaccinations across the different angles of age, gender, literacy & education, and interprofessional unity & collaboration. Regional roundtables will discuss and identify priorities for sustainable access to vaccinations through pharmacies around the world. The programme will result in a FIP commitment to accelerate equity, access and sustainability through policy development and implementation, as well as a special policy collection capturing the outcomes of this transformation programme.

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