Series 1 Schedule

1.7 Enabling our workforce: Supporting ongoing competence

15th October 2020

13:30 – 14:30 CEST


FIP is excited to announce a new initiative entitled “Transforming Vaccination Globally and Regionally.” This initiative involves a three-part series of 8 online events each, and is the first FIP transformational outcome-based online programme of its kind, culminating in the signing of a historical commitment by FIP and member organisations to transform vaccinations globally and regionally.  

In this episode – “Enabling Our Workforce: Supporting Ongoing Competence,” panellists with expertise in education and workforce development will discuss the delivery of vaccination qualifications to pharmacist to ensure that pharmacists in all settings are able to provide vaccinations. 

Discussions will focus on the types of professional development available for pharmacists; practical administration skills; strategies for addressing vaccine hesitancy; logistics needed to support vaccine services; and regulatory barriers to pharmacist vaccination. 

About the Series: The first of three series is composed of 8 episodes that focus on identifying the needs for vaccine transformation across science, practice and workforce and education. Vaccination transformation will be delivered through workforce enablement, addressing anti-science and misinformation, addressing vaccine hesitancy, and incorporating vaccination qualifications into pharmacist workforce education – both undergraduate and continuing development – to ensure all pharmacists in all settings are capable of delivering vaccinations as a standard part of pharmacist practice. 

Series 1 will identify the needs of the pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist workforce to deliver on vaccination transformation.


  • Ralph Altiere – (Dean- University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chair of FIP Education (FIPEd) -FIP, USA)
  • Ian Bates – (Chair of pharmacy education-UCL, Director of the FIP Workforce Development- FIP, UK)


  • Omotayo Carolyn Olayoe – (Pharmacist – Superpharma stores, Nigeria) 
  • Mitch Rothholz – (Chief Strategy Officer – American Pharmacists Association (APhA))
  • Han Zhe – (Lecturer- Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore) 

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