The Editorial

Hear from the FIP Chief Executive Officer Dr. Catherine Duggan on why this Collection is important.  


Catherine Duggan

CEO of FIP – catherine@fip.org


Editorial Script

Welcome to the Transforming Vaccination Globally and Regionally Programme Collection.

My name is Catherine Duggan, and I am the Chief Executive Officer of FIP.

The FIP “Transforming Vaccination Globally and Regionally” programme delivered in 2020 was the first FIP digital transformation programme involving a three-part series of 24 digital events, culminating in a Global Summit and the FIP Commitment to Action on Improving Vaccination Coverage Through Pharmacies.

The progamme was held over 3 series of 8 events each. Series 1 of the program focussed on identifying the needs of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, so that they are empowered to participate in vaccination programs and address the needs of their communities with respect to vaccine access, health literacy, and preventative health. Series 2 described the actions that must be undertaken in order to meet the needs identified in series 1, from regulatory change; updates to education & qualifications of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists; and removing barriers that have been identified that impact on equitable access to vaccination. Series 3 focussed on the local needs of our member organisations, examining how these actions have been implemented, or will be implemented moving forward.

You can revisit all episodes which are available for free on transfromingvaccination.fip.org.

We’re pleased to present to you this Digital Collection which outlines the key outcomes of the programme, and in which we revisit and reflect on the programme’s main highlights and provide resources that support the uptake of the Commitment globally and regionally. Importantly, this Collection also includes an action plan for implementing the Commitment through the FIP Development Goals.

We hope this Collection helps you, our members, progress the vaccination transformation journey in your nations and regions.

Happy reading and we look forward to your engagement!