FIP is excited to have hosted the initiative entitled “Transforming Vaccination Globally and Regionally.” This initiative involved a three-part series of 8 online events each, and is the first FIP transformational outcome-based online programme of its kind, culminating in the signing of the historical commitment by FIP and member organisations to transform vaccinations globally and regionally.

FIP’s vision is a world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable medicines and health technologies. Our mission is to support global health by enabling the advancement of pharmaceutical practice, sciences and education.

With the preventative health agenda, and in the setting of COVID-19, there is a need to transform the way we think about vaccination delivery.

Vaccination is second only to clean water in its ability to transform health. With different countries and regions having varying legal, political, and governance structures, there is an opportunity to transform vaccination globally and regionally by promoting pharmacists as an avenue to facilitate patient access and global health.

To achieve improved outcomes for people though vaccination, there is a need for commitment, solidarity, and action. Now is the time to transform vaccination globally and regionally.

The Transforming Vaccination Globally and Regionally program is a three-part digital Programme about transforming the global & regional vaccination agenda for pharmacy, delivered as live events that are accessible now and in to the future through the website. The programme and its outcomes are underpinned by the FIP Development Goals and are the first such application of the newly launched Goals.

FIP is pleased to present this digital Transforming Vaccination Collection which captures the key outcomes of the programme and support the implementation and progression of the Commitment which pharmacy professionals from around the world pledged to support.

The Transforming Vaccination Programme Team