Series 2 Schedule

2.3 Removing policy barriers to pharmacist vaccinations: FIP DG 13 Policy Development

5th November 2020

14:00 -15:30 CET


FIP is launching a transforming vaccination globally and regionally 24 part series. In these 8 episodes for series 2 we are focusing on the transformation of vaccination globally and regionally as an online programme where the FIP commits to take action for vaccine transformation in concert with the FIP development goals.

In this episode, “Removing Policy Barriers to Pharmacist Vaccination” – is an interview format that focuses on the FIP Development Goal 13: Policy Development from the perspective of vaccination by a pharmacist. We discuss the process of policy development, identification of barriers, and engagement with stakeholders to ensure that pharmacist vaccination is accessible to all people in all settings where pharmacists work.

About the Series: The second of three series is composed of 8 episodes that focus on The FIP Development Goals from the perspective of vaccination. The new FIP Development Goals and the agenda of improving vaccination worldwide come together in this series of interviews that outline how pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists will deliver on the promise of improved vaccination rates worldwide.

Series 2 will identify the alignment of the goal of improved vaccination rates worldwide through the use of the pharmacist workforce with the FIP Development Goals.


To understand the impact of FIP Development Goal 13: Policy Development in the Transformation of Vaccination Globally and Regionally


  • Ellen Schafheutle (Global Lead FIP D13 – FIP, UK) ( Professor of Pharmacy Policy and Practice – Centre for Pharmacy Workforce Studies, The University of Manchester, UK)
  • Chima Amadi (Global Lead FIP DG13 – FIP, Nigeria) (Education and Training Personnel – Pharmacists’ Council Nigeria, Nigeria)


  • Walter da Silva João (President – Brazilian Federal Council of Pharmacy, Brazil) 
  • Howard Rice (President & International Liaison Officer – Pharmaceutical Association of Israel)
  • Shane Jackson (Community and Consultant Pharmacist – Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Australia) (CPS Executive Committee Member – FIP, Netherland)

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